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10 Best Ever Bacon Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind!


Here are 10 Best Bacon Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind. Try them once with our simple easy to make steps!

1.Bacon Wrapped Turkey Legs Recipe

Perfect for someone who loves their meat!

2.McDonald’s Style Egg McMuffin Recipe

One of the most popular items on the McDonald’s breakfast menu is the Egg McMuffin. It’s made by placing a cracked egg on a toasted English muffin and then topping that with butter, bacon and cheese creating a delicious all rounded breakfast in one bite.

3.Posh Bacon Eggs

“Who doesn’t love Bacon and Eggs? One day I was craving some but wanted to spice up traditional bacon and eggs and came across this recipe. Add Posh Nosh mayo into the mix and you get a dish that is creamy, crispy and altogether finger-licking delicious!”, says Aditi Gupta from Posh Nosh. We couldn’t agree more.


“Landlord, bring us beans and bacon and a bottle of your finest Burgundy.”


The Americans always know a great breakfast, and they love their hash browns. You could make these in a muffin tin to create individual servings, but I like to serve it family-style in one big pan. Make sure you squeeze out all the moisture from the grated potato or else they will boil in the liquid instead of getting that lovely golden crust. The crisp candied bacon completes my tribute to a Stateside brunch.


Don’t limit yourself to cheese or ham when filling an omelette. This open Italian version is a meal in itself, and because it is finished under the broiler, doesn’t involve any awkward folding or flipping. Check that one of your goat cheeses is firm enough to grate finely—if not, firm it up in the freezer first.

7.Bacon Wrapped Sausage Recipe

A delicious starter that is amazing to taste.

8.Potato Bacon Ranch Salad Recipe

An easy bacon salad that’s just pleading to be at your Easter Brunch.

9.Blue Cheese and Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

A rich, warm and cheesy recipe for classic stuffed mushrooms, this attractive appetizer is perfect for your next dinner party or special event.

10.Bacon-Wrapped Monkfish With Lobster Recipe

SLICED TO RESEMBLE a maritime tournedos, the monkfish, often called the poor man’s lobster for its similarity of texture, hides real lobster tail inside. To get to the essential fillets, we trim them from the ferocious monkfish tails, then carefully wrap them in the thinnest sheet of double-smoked bacon for a shot of intensity and complexity. As we slowly rotate the fillets while roasting the bacon to crispiness, the delicate fish cooks gently, warming the opaque lobster at its core. A variety of sweet fall squash, glazed, roasted, pureed, and pickled, counterbalances the brininess and smokiness of the dish.