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Indian Lunch Box Recipes

10 Recipes You Can Try On Sabzi Tarkari Day


Sabzi is an inevitable part of our lives and we’re sure you’ll have at least a few favourites. Here are 10 recipes that we love and that you can try making at least one to celebrate the first ever Sabzi Tarkari Day.

Gawar Sabzi Recipe

The one thing we loved in the movie The Lunchbox was the delicious tiffin made by Ila to impress her husband and we’ve attempted to recreate the Gawar Sabzi she makes.

Parwal Ki Sabzi Recipe

Tasty, crunchy and quite healthy, don’t miss out on the good old Parwal Sabzi

Aloo Tamatar Sabzi Recipe

The classic Aloo Tamatar Sabzi is easy to make and quite tasty.

Image: honeywhatscooking

Suran Ki Sabzi Recipe

Known for its cooling effect, Sooran is the best vegetable to be cooked and eaten during summers!

Ganthia Sabzi Recipe

There’s no limit to how creative you can get while making a sabzi.

Dhania ki Sabzi Recipe

Like we said, no limit. This refreshing sabzi is quick and and delicious to eat.

Dahiwali Paneer Sabzi Recipe

Try this unique recipe if you’re bored of the standard red gravy paneer and of course the paneer bhurji too!

Bengali Soya Sabzi Recipe

Healthy soya given a delicious flavour of Bengali cuisine. Do try out this one!

Kaddu Ki Sabzi Recipe

Pick up a pumpkin from your grocer and make this spicy treat for yourself!

Palak Corn Recipe

Ditch the paneer and make palak with corn sabzi that you can also put between bread and make a delicious sandwich.

Bonus Recipe – Bedmi Puri Recipe

Here’s another recipe that you can pair with any of the sabzis above!

Image: Archana’s Kitchen

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