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This 35 Lakh Watch With A Drop Of Old Vatted Glenlivet Is The Ultimate Luxury Gift


Shopping for men (and I speak from experience) can be a hair tearing, thoroughly demanding experience. However, there are a few go to gifts that will please almost every man (and indeed, woman) and these include a premium bottle of whisky or a high end watch. Now, Swiss watchmaker Lois Moinet has announced that it has tied up with Wealth Solutions to add a drop of Old Vatted Glenlivet to 50 of their watches.

A Watch For 35 Lakhs

The Old Vatted Glenlivet1862 is the oldest (known) whiskey in the world. It was opened recently in the presence of a public notary at the H15 Boutique Hotel in Poland under the direction of Wealth Solutions. Also attending the event were Charles MacLean a whisky expert and writer, Edward Bates, a spirits expert and Jean Marie Schaller, the founder and creator of Loius Moinet.

Since Wealth Solutions is working with Louis Moinet, it will help the Swiss watchmaker place a drop of the whiskey into a glass chamber in 50 watches. The gold version of the watch will be $45,000 while the steel version will be $17,000.

The watches will be a part of a larger range of Spirits Watches which also include Swiss watches with a drop of Gautier 1762 0 the world’s oldest Cognac and a drop of Harewood – the world’s oldest rum.