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5 Smoothies to Get You Stress Free in No Time


Stress can be pretty taxing on the body. Sipping on these 5 smoothies should not only boost you and relieve your stress but in the long run these can help with reducing problems such as blood pressure, hypertension, etc.

1. Avocado Smoothie


Why – Avocadoes are known for reducing blood pressure because of their potassium content.

What goes in – Avocado, fresh mint leaves, pineapple

What you get – a beautiful green smoothie that not only looks fresh but makes you feel fresh

2. Banana Smoothie


Why – Bananas, other than reducing your blood pressure, are known for releasing hormones that make you feel happy and awesome.

What goes in – Banana, pineapple, coconut water or milk

What you get – a yummy smoothie that takes away your stress with every sip you take

3. Vanilla Smoothie


Why – Vanilla gives you a comforting sense that eases your stress and makes you feel good.

What goes in – Milk, Vanilla yogurt, vanilla extract, dates

What you get – a creamy vanilla smoothie that tickles your taste buds and relaxes your frayed nerves

4. Green Smoothie


Why – High on fibre and protein, spinach is known to promote a feeling of wellness by regulating your cortisol levels. Remember the boost of energy Popeye used to get? Exactly.

What goes in – Spinach, Coconut water, banana, apple, pineapple

What you get – A beautiful fresh green smoothie that pulls out the stress from you like a magnet pulls iron

5. Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberry milkshake on wooden background

Why – Rich in Vitamin C strawberries are natures stress busters

What goes in – Strawberries, Vanilla yogurt, banana, lettuce

What you get – A delicious enticing pink smoothie that makes relieves your anxiety and replaces you with happy thoughts