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6 Pictures of Butterscotch-“I thought I scotch a Butterscotch!”


6 Pictures of Butterscotch that are so drool-worth it

Butter you scotch me up! We love butterscotch to the ends of the earth. Its lovely butter texture, with caramel- like gooey-ness and nutty flavour, in cake, ice-cream or candy is buttery-licious.  So here’s 6 pictures of Butterscotch that you need take a drool at. 

1. The good, the great and the candy

image butterscotch.1

2. Cake me a Butterscotch

image butterscotch.4 

3. Ice cream dances with Butterscotch

 image butterscotch 2

4. Shake me up inside, Butterscotch

image butterscotch.5

5. And then God said, “Let Butterscotch meet cheesecake”

 image butterscotch.3

6. Cookie Monsters say “Butterscotch!”

 image butterscotch.6