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7 Insanely Crazy Shots We Bet You Didn’t Have This Weekend


Did you have a crazy, alcohol fuelled weekend? Well, we bet it couldn’t have been as crazy as those who had one of these shots this weekend. Have you ever tried any? 

Bacon Shot

Yup, it’s a shot with bacon in it. This is what heaven must look like.

Scorpion Vodka

This one has a scorpion nestling in it. Apparently, it enhances the flavour.

Cement Mixer

The consistency of this one is literally like pouring sludgy cement down your throat.

The Tapeworm

Appetising, no? Don’t worry; it’s just mayonnaise.

New Jersey Turnpike Shot




















The bartender pours all the liquid caught in the bar mat into a shot glass. He then wipes down the bar and squeezes the rag he used into your shot glass. Then you drink it.

Tidal Wave

The shot is relatively normal; but what happens afterwards isn’t so fun.

Flaming Lamborghini

One shot Kahlua, one shot Bailey’s Irish Cream, one shot curacao and one shot of Sambuca are mixed together…and then lit on fire. You drink it with a straw at the base.