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7 things Fussy eaters need to carry along to sound more fussy


Fussy this, fussy that. Everybody’s fussy about something. That one thing will just tip it off and that’s it- food will never be the same again. So why be discouraged? Why not pack the right kit and have that fuss-free meal? We asked some fussy eaters what they carry. 

1. Sugar- whatever it is, dunk it in sugar

image fussy.1

2. Water – to wash down that fussy-full thing 

image fussy.2

3. Ketchup- It’s all good if there’s ketchup on it 

image fussy.3

4. Seasoning – For those fuss-less seasons in the sun.

image fussy.4.4

5. Chilli Flakes – Spice that will take away everything not nice

image fussy.4

6. Milk Powder- There’s just never enough cream

image fussy.6

7. Salt/Pepper- Shake in some awesome.

image fussy.7