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8 Recipes for Veggie-friendly Biryanis


Biryani is something that we all have a craving for. This rich, aromatic preparation is enjoyed by people of all ages and this dish needs no introduction. Thanks to the Persians to have introduced us to this amazing dish that now, every part of the country has its regional twist to the classic. The style of cooking varies according to the region. This is one dish embraced by all. This was only prepared by adding meat to t but slowly people started experimenting and finally arrived at a veg version of it. The perfect biryani calls for carefully measured ingredients and it takes a few tries for the output to be phenomenal! Veg biryani, still, is a Sunday staple in many Indian houses. Here are some of links to the best biryani recipes.

1. Healthy Veg. Biryani by Chef Vikas Khanna

The master chef himself shows us how to make a healthy version of the dish. He swaps regular rice with brown rice to make it a bit leaner. Watch the video to know more.


2. Vegetable Biryani by Tarla Dalal

This is a classic recipe by the famous Tarla Dalal. It is definitely worth a try!


3. Hyderabadi Vegetable Biryani Recipe by Archana’s Kitchen

This is a celebration meal made at Hyderabadi households by the elders of the family. It is shared among family and friends ad is enjoyed by all together. Making this has a few stages and this video shows you how to perfect it.


4. Methi Chaman Biryani Recipe

This is a healthy twist to the regular biryani. Paneer and corn are infused with aromatic spices and fenugreek leaves are added for the extra oomph. Try this and fall in love! The masterchef tells you how to make it.


5. Paneer Biryani

Who doesn’t love paneer? This spicy, rich veg biryani is sure to win hearts.


6. Dum Veg Biryani

This secret recipe is time tested all the way from the old kitchens of Kashmir. The dum-style of cooking brings a roundness to the dish. Get carried away by the aroma!


7. Mushroom Biryani

Savour tasty, spicy mushroom biryani. A twist to the classic, watch the video to know more.


8. Soy Biryani

This is a great bet if you want to keep your weight on check without a compromise on flavour. Experience bliss in every bite with this recipe from the master cook, Sanjeev Kapoor himself.