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Can These Finger Biscuits Protect You Against A Nutella Mess?


What is your first reaction when you see a brand new jar of Nutella? If you say, “keep it inside to eat later”, you’re lying! Because every foodie in their right mind will rip apart the seal and straightaway dunk their fingers into the tub! Because, cleanliness? What’s that?CHOCOLATE-MESS1


Finger Condoms!

But to the relief of people living around such messy ‘dunk maniacs’, An Italian designer has come up with a clever snacking technology that would enable classy eaters to dig into a tub of Nutella without getting the hazelnut chocolate spread all over their fingers.

Also known as ‘finger condoms’, Italian artist Paolo Ulian came up with their design, which is essentially a thimble-shaped biscuit, designed to hold on the end of fingers. If you’d prefer another treat, apparently the biscuits work just as well with other types of spread.nutella2


Not Yet Though

Although some report that this invention is not available anywhere in shops despite the design having been around since 2004 where it was introduced at an exhibition in Milan. But we will find it, dip it and eat it!

Till then, we shall continue being the pigs that we are. Oink!teacup pig Irish costume
teacup pig  with ice cream

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