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Celebrate Ice Cream Day By Ordering Your Favourites From Scootsy


Mumbai, July 2018:  Celebrate Ice Cream Day by ordering your favourite Ice Creams through Scootsy.

There is something for everyone: If you’re vegan, a health freak or simply looking to indulge, select from a variety of dairy-free vegan ice creams, ice cream shakes, ice-cream towers, sugar-free ice creams, ice-cream cakes and a lot more. All available, a mere click away. As always, Scootsy will ensure these deliveries are done on time for you to enjoy your ice-cream just the way you like it.

Koldplay Ice Cream

Koldplay is a parlor that specialises in premium ice-cream. Try their Dark Magic Ice Cream, Hazelnut Madagascar Ice Cream, Cookies & Crème, White Chocolate Brownie, Dark Choco Brownie, Chocolate Silk, Almond Nutella Ice Cream and many more

Link to order: dplay-ice-creams-nariman-point -3808.html

Ice Cream Works

Ice Cream Works is a unique concept serving almost every style and variety of ice cream. Try their Crunch N Nut Butterscotch Ice Cream, Double Strawberry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, Creamy Tahitian Vanilla, Calcutta Meetha Paan, C C Pista Badam Chikki, Shahi Mewa Malai, Madagascar Fine Chocolate, Extrem Ferro Hazelnut and many more

Link to order: -cream-works-shivaji-park-dada r-w-2437.html

Taj Ice Cream

Order Custard Apple Ice Cream, Fresh Musk Melon Ice Cream, Roasted Almond – Chocolate Chips Ice Cream, Kesar Pistachio Ice Cream, Malai Ice Cream and many more from Taj Ice Cream

Link to order: am-grant-road-3064.html

London Dairy Ice – Cream

London Dairy offers premium ice cream in a variety of flavours and ranges such as Fig Walnut with A Deluge Of Rich Creamy Ice Cream Comprising Ripe Juicy Pieces Of Fig Coupled With Caramelized Walnuts Makes This Flavour A Novelty And A Flavour For The Most Special Of Occasions and many more

Link to order: don-dairy-ice-cream-colaba-390 2.html

Oh Dough

Order online from Oh Dough like Banana Nutella Ice Cream, Caramelised White Chocolate Ice Cream, Pistachio Black Truffle Ice Cream, Nutella Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Fudge Vegan Coffee Vegan Ice Cream, Red Velvet Ice Cream and many more.

Link to order: ort-2795.html

Sassy Teaspoon

Sassy Teaspoon is the perfect destination for all your guilty pleasures. Try their Red Velvet Ice Cream, Rum Raisin Ice Cream, Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream, Raspberry Sorbet Ice Cream, Basil Pine Nut Ice Cream, Guava Chilli Sorbet Ice Cream and many more.

Link to order: sy-teaspoon-nariman-point-2893 .html


You can order online from Yogisattva for dairy-free vegan ice creams. Such as Vegan Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Raw Chocolate Dairy Free Ice Cream, Raw Chocolate and Orange Dairy Free Ice Cream and many more

Link to order: isattva-khar-west-2265.html

Oh! Fudge

Known for their contemporary flavours, try Just Chocolate Thick Shake made with Fudge + Milk + Ice Cream = Milkshake Heaven. The Just Chocolate Shake Is A Classic Blend That You Can’t Go Wrong With.

Link to order: fudge-colaba-colaba-3460.html

Bina’s Homemade Ice Cream

You must try Bina’s Homemade Slow Churned Ice Creams such as Black Jamun Ice Cream, Spicy Guava Ice Cream, Kesar Pista Ice Cream, Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream, Vanilla Brownie Ice Cream, Red Rubbies Thai Ice Cream, Paan Choco Chips Ice Cream, Speculose Biscuit Ice Cream, Chai Biskoot Ice Cream, Kachi Keri Ice Cream and many more.

Link to order: made-ice-cream-lower-parel-357 8.html

Bono Boutique Ice Cream

Try White Chocolate Passion Fruit, White Chocolate Passion Fruit, Nutella Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Italian Truffle Oil, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Sugar Free and many more.

Link to order: que-ice-cream-bandra-west-band ra-west-2825.html

Apsara Ice Cream

Apsara Ice-creams is a standing testimony to unmelting happiness and one just Can’t Get Over It! Try their Coconut Cravings Ice Cream, Guava Glory Ice Cream, Mosambi Magic Ice Cream, Orange Apricot Ice Cream, Anjeer Akhrot Ice Cream, Pan Pasand Ice Cream, Belgian Bites Ice Cream, Berry Bonanza Ice Cream, Vanilla Vibes Ice Cream and many more.

Link to order: -cream-charni-road-3258.html

Havmor Ice Cream

At Havmor try their Kaju Drakash Ice Cream, Black Currant Ice Cream, Rich Coffee Ice Cream, Kaju Drakash Ice Cream, Chocolate Chips Ice Cream, American Nut Ice Cream, Pista Malai Ice Cream, Lonavali Ice Cream, Paan Ice Cream and many more.

Link to order: ml

The Parfait Co.

The Parfait Co. brings you unapologetically creamy & rich Ice Creams. Try their Blueberry Ice Cream, Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream, Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Passion fruit Ice Cream, French Vanilla Ice Cream, Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream and many more.

Link to order: t-co-mumbai-central-3464.html

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