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Celebrate The Love Of Mexican Flavours At California Pizza Kitchen In Bengaluru


California Pizza Kitchen’s all new ‘Mexifornia’ food festival brings an authentic and yet innovative twist to traditional Mexican flavours – a Californian Fiesta. CPK’s ‘Mexifornia’ menu is filled with your favourite choice of pizzas, pastas and salads, only with a more spicy kick. The Mexican flavours are abound in the dishes served as part of the food festival and we were invited to get a first-hand look and indulge in those incredible flavours.  

Mexican Flavours

California Pizza Kitchen in Indiranagar is spruced up with your traditional Mexican fiesta like atmosphere with hats and trinkets adorning the walls of the restaurant. The colourful menu was presented to us and we had a distinct difficulty in figuring out which dish to order first. Vegetarians, this is your kind of festival since a healthy portion of the menu caters to the healthy at heart. We started our journey through the beautiful land of Mexico with the appropriately named Tex-Mex Pizza. The Tex-Mex cuisine is an interesting amalgamation of traditional spices from Mexico and the enormous flavours of Texas – a fusion of everything that we consider to be holy, cheese and meat. The Tex-Mex Pizza was no different with interesting ingredients topped on a mouth-watering pizza.

Tex Mex Pizza, Apple taquitos, Creamy Avocado penne, Guava margarita, Chipotle stuffed chicken wings, Stuffed

On a Meat Trail

We followed the trail of meat when we happened to catch a glimpse of Chicken Taquitos on the menu. One of our favourite dishes on any Mexican menu, the taquitos are a meal on a plate. Billed as a starter, the portion size was so enormous, that we couldn’t help but be satisfied with the “starter” item on the menu. The thirst quenchers on the menu were quite varied and we decided to go with the Guava and Lychee margarita to give us an additional kick in the pants that was required to continue on with our hogging. We finished our meal with the Chipotle stuffed Chicken wings which captured the true flavours of the Tex-Mex cuisine with succulent wings marinated with a brilliant sauce. 

The Menu

California Pizza Kitchen’s new ‘Mexifornia’  menu is all that you hoped for if you are in the mood to indulge in some amazing flavours straight from the roads of Mexico. The appetisers on the festival menu include Street Corn Tarts, Mexican Bean Fritters, CPK Nachos and Baja Tacos. If you happen to visits CPK, the pizzas are most probably the first thing you would look at and the menu offers several varieties including, Habanero Pizza, Para Tacos Pizza, Mexican Veggie Pizza and Three Bean Mexicana pizza. Pasta lovers, you aren’t left behind either. The special menu includes innovative pasta dishes such as the tequila infused pasta, Tequila Fettucine and Creamy Avocado Penne. 

After all the mouth-watering food, your sweet tooth would probably come calling and CPK’s new festival menu has got you covered with Apple Taquitos, Sapota Mousse Cake, Lime Baked Cheesecake and Mexican Chocolate Cake. 

The Deets

You can experience the flavours of Mexico during the ‘Mexifornia’ fiesta at California Pizza Kitchen outlets in Koramangala, Indiranagar and Whitefield outlets from June 13th to July 17th. To further enhance the ‘Mexifornia’ experience, CPK also offers a “Margaritas & Senoritas” Thursdays to offer a special 50% off on Mexifornia Margaritas & regular a la carte menu for the ladies through the festival.