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Chana Has Made It Into The Oxford Dictionary And We’re Stoked!


India has made the news once again, and it’s for something great! The Oxford Dictionary was revised on Tuesday and chana dal and chana have made the cut! Call me lame, but I think the best part of this news is getting chana on that triple word score while playing Scrabble against firangis.

Now, we can pull out the word chana, and when challenged that it’s ‘chickpeas’ we can ask the challenger to take a hike to the nearest (updated) dictionary. Of course, let’s never forget just how delicious Chole Bature is (although I loathed it as a child – I also hated avocados so clearly it was a taste issue).

Let’s all just take a moment to rejoice (I shall hail a vegetarian item, for once) the arrival of chana to the outside world. I know from now on, I’m going to brush aside every use of the word chickpea (chickpea, it’s chana, check a dictionary). It also doesn’t hurt that ‘check a dictionary’ are three of my favourite words (other than ice cream please, obviously).

In addition to chana dal, the word ‘woke’ has also made the cut (probably thanks to Dear White People, but you didn’t hear it from me). Also, since we are on Scrabble hacks zyzzyva is a word, you’re welcome!


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