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Earn $9000 a month. Eat in front of a webcam. Yes, eat.


In South Korea, a woman quit her job to work from home. Her ‘new job’ will have you eating your foot. 

Park Seo- yeon, a 34-year old worked at a consulting firm until she decided she could make more money from home- by eating. Eating a nice, lavish Korean meal, in front of a webcam- for 3 hours a day. And $9000 made their way home, every month. Yes, you may fall of your chair reading this at your non-eating job. 

She has 43,000 people subscribing to her YouTube channel. Woah!


She goes by the name ‘The Diva’ and viewers send in virtual balloons that translate to cash. However, the money is not what she’s doing this for (you’re thinking, “for the food” aren’t you?). But she’s doing this for the ‘society’. 

“It feels great when people said ‘I recovered from anorexia thanks to you’ or ‘Thank you for a fun and delicious time. I am the woman who lives a life to eat,” says Park.

What do you think? Hungry? Grab a webcam.