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Emma Stone Solving Math With Hot Dogs Is As Ridiculous As It Can Get


And we mean funny ridiculous.

Mathematics can get the best of us all worked up trying to find ‘x’. And that’s okay, because math can be difficult. In a comic sketch featured on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, the characters enact a high school student pretty much done with the subject and how his posters come to life in his dream and try to woo him towards the numbers.

The student does realize that he is in the Freudian realm and gets on with speaking to his posters. The posters boast of a mountain climber, a stand-up comic, a video game character, and a – for the loss of a better word – dolled up model. Or hot dog seller, we couldn’t tell. Mostly because she looked like this.poster-snl

Amidst all the math madness, pep talk, and dreaming, actress Emma Stone, the poster girl (literally) holding a hot dog, pops to life and adds her two teaspoons of logic to the conversation. Faking an annoyingly on point high school nasal twang, Stone’s character couldn’t care less about algebra, unless it comprises of hot dogs. And then she did it, she made the math all about her ‘hat dawg’. *More nasal twang* Heck, she even ends up helping the kid solve a math problem (an elementary math problem, but nonetheless)!

If you describe to any guy “Emma Stone sporting flimsy garb, hot pink underclothes, and holding up a meaty hot dog”, they would leave what they’re doing and tune right in. But Saturday Night Live sketch rubbishes any and every hot dog fantasy guys (or girls) may have associated with Stone.

Algebra can be a tool for the numerically demented, but if you get dreams like this guy… Nope, still demented.

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