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Festive Gifting | Gourmet Hampers by Blue Ribbon Gifting by Foodhall


Name of the Hamper: Hall Of Fame

Description: An assortment that’s perfect for the connoisseur with a versatile palate. This hamper will guarantee a unique dining experience

Items: Pink Peppercorn & Chieves, Cream Cheese, Sicilian Sweet Olives, Red Ginger & Saffron Candle, Trio of Citrus Jam, Truffle Cheese, Castello Camembert, Truffle Mustard, Fresh Mixed Berries, Lindt Swiss Thins, Chandon Rose

Price: INR 11000


Name of the Hamper: Icon

Description: A satisfying selection of cheese, dips and accompaniments that creates a unique gastronomical experience.

Items: Pistachio Truffle Cream Cheese, Pink Peppercorn & Chives Cream Cheese, Stuffed Olives with Feta, Mixed Herb Cheddar Grassini, Beetroot Hummus, Basil & Walnut Pesto, Mixed Berries, Tomatoes on Wine, Red Globe Grapes, Walnuts. Xocolatl 57: Sea Salt Truffles, Saint Domingue Barks, Pecan and Crispy Mediants, Castello Brie, La Rustichella White Truffle Honey, The Fine Cheese & Co Wholemeal Crackers, Orgran Chia Crackers

Price: INR 8000 Onwards


Name of the Hamper: Epic

Description: An opulent selection of chocolates, coffee and assorted snacks to round off a hamper that emanates perfection.

Items: Makhana Wasabi, Terra Mediterranean, Huober Prinzess Brezel, El Sabor Salsa Dip, Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserve, Sprig Jar of Joy Chocolate and Peanut Butter, Lindt Raspberry Intense Dark, Delaviuda Intense Dark, Delaviuna Bombones Dark Chocolate, Cavendish and Harvey Sour Cherry Drops, 4700 BC Himalayan Salt Caramel Popcorn, Shortbread House Edinburgh, Matilde Vicenzi, Davidoff fine Aroma

Price: INR 6100 Onwards


Name of the Hamper: Noor

Description: An exquisite collection of honey, saffron and Middle-Eastern dates that adds luxury to tradition

Items: Saffron by Arqa, Saffron Infused Honey, Liquid Gold Sundarbans Honey by Bustaan

Price: INR 4500 Onwards

Name: Voyager Chocolat

Description: A gift of deliciousness that results in the perfect brownie.

Items: Whisk, Square Cake Pan. Apron. Mason Jar, Brownie Mix (All Purpose Flour + Castor Sugar + Baking Powder + Crushed Walnuts, Sprig Vanilla Beans)

Price: 3800

Name: Legacy of India

Description: Celebrate with confectionery crafted the Indian way

Items: Pista Motichoor Truffle,Coconut Paan Truffle, BadamBarfi Dark Chocolate Truffle,Kaju Katli, Anjeer Truffle, Pista Kaju Roll, Motichoor Laddoo, Kesar Kaju Katli, Badam Barfi, Besan Chakki

Price: 1800 onwards


Name: Legacy of Occident

Description: A specially curated assortment of sweets and confections inspired by western desserts.

Items: Orange & Mixed Seed Florentine, Cranberry & Almond, Florentine, Matcha Cashew Rochers, Dark Chocolate & Almond Rochers, Salted Caramel Rochers, Classic French Madeleines, Dark Chocolate Brownies, Coconut Macarons, Apricot & Pecan Mendiants, Crushed Coffee & Almond Mendiants, Palmier Hearts, Mini Stroopwafels, Truffled Parmesan Straws, Mini Cheddar Puffs, Chilli Cheese Croissants, Olive & Cheese Shortbread

Price: 1800 onwards


Name: Quartet

Description: Elegant and enchanting, this huddle of mini chocolates will surely elicit the sweetest of smiles

Items: After Eight Mint Chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt Lindor, Loacker Dark – Noir, Cacao Chips Dark Chocolate

Price: 2100


Name: Aurora

Description: Indulge in a hamper of Keto-friendly culinary delights

Items: Almond Butter, Olives Stuffed With Feta, Keto Onion & Rosemary Crackers, Keto Avocado, Cream Cheese Dip, Herbed Keto Bread, Coconut Yogurt, Pure Nutrition Organic Raw, Virgin Coconut Oil, Seven, Beans Urja Coffee, Mason & Co Bittersweet Dark Chocolate

Price: 2500