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Get The Hottest Chilies In The World Mailed To You Monthly With This Subscription


If you’re a serious spice lover (and no, we don’t mean using the hottest sauce at Taco Bell kinda spice lover) and are serious about Scoville levels being in the millions then you absolutely gotta try the Make 100 Chili Pepper Harvest Box subscription! Apart from being kinda like a dream come true for spice aficionados those experimenting with their level of spice are bound to find a chili they’ll love!

The subscription service will send you three shipments of hot peppers, one each month for the duration of the harvest season (September, October, and November). You’ll get six different types of pepper each month, for a total of eighteen different kinds of chili peppers.

The hundred CSA Harvest Box shares are divided into a number of different options: 50 of the 100 shares available are for the “Quarter Share,” which costs $175. 25 of the remaining 50 are for the “Half-Share,” which is basically the same except double the amount for $250. 15 of the remaining 25 are for the “Full Share, ” which is four times the Quarter Share for $325. Finally, the remaining 10 of the 100 shares are for the XXXXX share, which gives eight times as many peppers as the Quarter Share, for $475 for the real spice lovers!

On a bit of a budget op? $60 will get you one of the 86 remaining sampler boxes, which includes six half pints of each different pepper. $25 will get you a copy of Homesweet Homegrown, a book about growing, preparing, and storing your own food, as well as a packet of pepper seeds of your choice. It’s time to get spicy!

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