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Gin Bar Launched At A Restaurant In Sofitel Mumbai BKC


The restaurant within Sofitel Mumbai BKC, Jyran – Tandoor Dining and Lounge has got itself a new gin bar reports F&B News. It is called Jyran Gin Bar and its menu is filled with gin cocktails. This bar is first of its kind in the city and has been inaugurated by Magandeep Singh and Biswajit Chakraborty along with reputed members of the food and beverage industry. The bar, along with gin cocktails, would also offer over 30 kinds of gin which includes Le Gin de Christian Drouin, Stranger & Sons, Star Of Bombay and Cotswolds Dry Gin.

First Gin Bar In Mumbai

“Gin is a delectable spirit that can be consumed by day or night, for afternoon lunches or over networking dinners,” said Biswajit Chakraborty, general manager, Sofitel Mumbai BKC. “It derives its predominant flavour from Juniper Berries. It is one of the broadest categories of spirits, with various styles and flavour profiles. The most popular of all gin cocktails is the martini, which has become immensely famous thanks to James Bond’s preferential Vesper Martini.”

He also added that, “Nearly all juniper berries used in the making of gin are handpicked in the wild, which helps in retaining the authentic element of the spirit. The tonic water in the gin constitutes a significant proportion, and hence no gin and tonic of high quality can be made without good-quality tonic water. With the Jyran Gin Bar, we are pleased to reinvent perceptions about gin as just another spirit and open doors for gin aficionados to rediscover a fine collection of authentic, gin-flavoured cocktails and much-loved classics that are steadily making their way through elegant hospitality space.”

Magandeep Singh, sommelier, writer and television presenter said that, “We are curating multiple flavours of gins, with eight exquisite homemade infusions, such as saffron, chamomile, Earl Grey Tea, rosemary and more. At Sofitel Mumbai BKC, we have 30 unique Gins that are sourced from 11 countries with over seven flavoured and five classic types of spirits that are infused with an array of special garnishes. In the coming months, we are looking to add in more individual brands of gins to the fine repertoire.”

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