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Here’s What Happens If You Hand-Feed Donuts To Cops


Comedians can go to any extent to get a few laughs and giggles from their audience. Take Impractical Jokers for instance, four friends make a complete fool out of each other on each and ever episode. So what happens when you get strangers involved in your jokes?

Nick Antonyan has a unique style of comedy and currently enjoys hand feeding strangers. He’s hand fed bananas to strangers and it was hilarious. When he went to feed donuts to cops however, the story was much different. “I was terrified,” Antonyan told Food Beast. “It took me over an hour and a half to grow some balls and approach a cop.”

With a box of donuts in his hand and camera in the other, he went on to feed the on-duty cops a sweet treat. “Some cops were not cool with it, but most understood the joke and went with it” added Antonyan. So how did it all unravel? Intrigued? Watch the video below.