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IHOP Sold A Ton Of Burgers When They Changed Their Name To IHOb


If you’ve been on the internet at some point this year, and think that breakfast food is life, then you’ll definitely remember when IHOP left the pancake loving world in a tizzy by announcing that they would be changing their name to IHOb – International House of Burgers.

Luckily, they did change their name back to IHOP, but not before flummoxing the world, and selling a ton of burgers! While most fast food joints made fun of IHOP for the name change (*cough* Wendy’s) it looks like the joke may be on them because the restaurant actually quadrupled the number of burgers sold during the fiscal quarter that IHOP was IHOb!

Extra Crispy reports that the booming burger business was due in large part to publicity on the name change — 20,000 news articles were written about the announcement, resulting in 36 billion social media impressions.

According to Business Insider, the increase in burger sales contributed to a “significant lift in lunch and dinner sales.” IHOP president Darren Rebelez told Business Insider, “Literally everybody in the world now knows that IHOP is now selling burgers. That was goal NO.1. Goal No. 2 was to actually sell them.” Looks like they’ve definitely fulfilled the brief!

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