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JW Marriott Chandigarh Celebrates World Food Day By Bringing To Life “Nourishing Dining Concepts”


As what we eat takes centre stage on ‘World Food Day’ this year, JW Marriott Chandigarh, a property known for spearheading many a food trends in The City Beautiful, has pledged to make healthier and locally sourced nourishing food more accessible to its patrons.

Carrying forward its legacy as the region’s premier hospitality destination, JW Marriott Chandigarh has committed itself to offering its patrons an environment which best nourishes their mind, body and soul.

Inspired by the age-old wisdom about wellness that ‘a healthy mind resides in a healthy body’, Chef Japvir Singh Vohra, who has recently joined JW Marriott Chandigarh as its new Executive Chef, is in the process creating an entire ecosystem of healthier dining at the hotel. Beginning with bridging the gap between farm and plate by sourcing locally produced and seasonally grown ingredients to creating his own herb garden in the property and introducing the zero-waste cooking concept in his kitchens, Chef Japvir is all set to introduce new-age, creative and flavourful culinary concepts at the property, which also promote sustainable practices.

“The food we eat governs all our relationships with the mind, body and soul. Healthy, locally sourced and seasonal food is not only nourishing for the body but also touches the deepest recesses of our soul, especially when it induces a sense of familiarity and comfort. At JW Marriott Chandigarh, we aim to serve handmade, traditional and reimagined flavours of locally sourced and familiar ingredients through creative menus, which especially include a modern take on traditional recipes,” shared Chef Japvir, divulging his plans for F&B outlets of the property.

Backed by years of creating hyperlocal experiences at iconic properties such as Hilton Jaipur, The Park, Kolkata and The Claridges, New Delhi in the past, Chef Japvir brings his multi-cuisine expertise to the city of Chandigarh, where residents are known to be well-educated and aware of the food they consume.

Chef Japvir said the local culture and heritage has practices and traditions based on the science of nature, which advocates consuming locally sourced and seasonal foods. “Rewari and Chikki are two festive sweets associated with the festival of Lohri, which comes in winter, These traditional festive sweets, which are consumed only in winters, contain locally produced ingredients like jaggery, sesame seeds and peanuts, which are good for the body in winters,” shared Chef Japvir.

Further shedding light on the wholesome effect of traditional practices like eating with loved ones or having food in a natural setting on one’s wellbeing, Chef Japvir said, “We are looking at designing a special ‘Star Gazing Menu’ which goes with our rooftop pool setting for couples looking to have a nourishing meal amidst romantic environs, thus enabling them to rekindle their romance with nature too. We also want to start the concept of ‘green meetings’ for corporates looking for a breath of fresh air during their brainstorming sessions.”

Taking the first step towards giving this wonderful and refreshing perspective a tangible shape, Chef Japvir has worked out a menu that includes traditional classics with a twist. For instance, the Smoked Beetroot Galauti is an interesting local ingredient-inspired take by the Chef on the ‘Galauti’, which is a traditional Awadhi delight. The Beetroot, produced locally and in-season, offer a burst of health along with a refreshing flavour. The Missi Roti Cigaroles offer a unique twist to Punjab’s much-relished Missi Paranthas which are made of locally-sourced wheat and pulses and served with a spicy raita dip for that extra relish. The Barbequed-Chutney-Chicken is yet another innovative offering based on locally sourced ingredients and tastes with the barbeque chutney made of local ingredients through traditional methods of slow-cooking over charcoals.

A must have is a special dessert prepared by the Chef, which takes him back to his childhood, emanating the sweet fragrance of freshly-made jaggery in the sugarcane fields. The concept dessert Dark Chocolate and Honey Flexi served with Jaggery, Sesame, Tuile and Ginger Crumble by Chef Japvir is a must try.

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