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LeBron James’s Ice Cream Truck Wish Is What Fairy Tales Are Made Of


LeBron James popularly known for his successful basketball career and a pizza order more impressive than your hopes and ambitions, recently demonstrated what living like a king is actually like.

The athlete who is in Cleveland where the Cavaliers will be presented with their 2016 NBA championship rings at Quicken Loans Arena; meanwhile next door at Progressive Field, the Indians will kick off Game 1 of the World Series against the Chicago Cubs today. That’s right, a double whammy for Cleveland sport lovers.

lebron-james-summons-ice-cream-for-cleveland-fansImage: UPI

Speaking to media outside the arena about what could possibly make the night better, James said, “I don’t know, having an ice cream truck outside both arenas at the same time as well — icing on the cake.” He was joking, of course. But ice cream company Blue Bunny took the NBA star’s comment rather seriously.

Yesterday the ice cream giant announced on social media that it would hand out free ice cream to sports fans outside both arenas on Tuesday night, that is, today.

In a formal press release announcing the promotion, Blue Bunny said that it “read James’ thoughts” about what could further enhance Cleveland’s big night and seized the opportunity to join the momentous occasion. Unfortunately, you’ve to be super successful and famous to have your mind read by ice cream companies. Sigh.


Meanwhile, LeBron James is huddled up with several pints of Blue Bunny ice cream, making a list of all the things he’s going to wish for on TV.

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