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Make Diwali Special With Sleepy Owl’s All New Flavours


If you are one among those who are bored of sending the same typical gifts to surprise your loved ones on Diwali, then Cold Brew Coffee is a one-stop solution to revamp your creative skills and create memories to be cherished forever.

What could be a better option than offering a refreshing cup of coffee to your loved ones on Diwali morning?

This time change those Old Diwali-gifting ideas and start with an all-new refreshing and awakening cold brew coffee pack by Sleepy Owl Cold brew coffee.

Sleepy Owl, one of India’s fastest growing cold brew coffee brand, has four amazing flavors that can make your life little easier.

Varietals of Sleepy Owl Coffee

Signature Brew: The highest quality beans are sourced from Chikmagulur, Karnataka medium-roasted to extract all the chocolatey, nutty flavors. Each batch is then cold brewed for 18-24 hours which gives it a naturally sweet, smooth, non-acidic flavor which is then delivered fresh.

Cinnamon Burst: Cinnamon Burst is Sleepy Owl’s version of the famous New Orleans Style Coffee that has coffee, cinnamon and a hint of chicory. The new flavor was launched on their second anniversary, June 2018. Cinnamon is an extremely compatible taste note with coffee and that is why it was a natural step for the new flavor.

Dark Roast: The Sleepy Owl Dark Roast caters to consumers who prefer a blissful bittersweet note, a heavy mouthful and deeper darker flavors such as chocolatey, nutty and caramel. The Dark Roast is a bittersweet heavy-bodied coffee with low acidity

Light Roast: The Sleepy Owl Light Roast caters to consumers who prefer light, fragrant, floral or fruity coffee notes. The Light Roast is a pure flavor mellow-bodied coffee with crisp acidity and bright flavors.

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