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‘Modernist Cuisine at Home’ gets Best App of the Year award


The Cooking Lab’s Modernist Cuisine App of 2015

For the tech-noobs, the Modernist app is based on the Modernist Cuisine book, only it’s way better. Like try way, way better. At 1,683 photos, 416 recipes, a recipe index arranged by level of difficulty, a shopping list, yield converter and a whole lot more; the app is a great buy for $79.99. 

Gourmand’s World Cookbook Awards is presenting them with this award– coveted by many. The best digital app of the year will be given out at the upcoming award ceremony in Yantai, China between June 8 and 11.

The app, compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch, is basically an interactive e-book which offers hundreds of pieces of content put together for the home cook with a modernist bend.

Watch this video where The Modernists’ painstakingly explain the perfect hamburger.