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Move over Bucket KFC, we just had Bucket Biryani


[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hy are you carrying a bucket to the kitchen?

OMG, is that-?

Biryani in a ..bucket?

Numerous items on the menu and yet, your attention is stolen by the biryani. A warm plate of biryani packed with spices, vegetables and meat is a mouth-watering food for a number of Indians.

If you were impressed with the KFC bucket, you’re going to be mind-blown with the ‘Bucket Biryani’. So, biryani lovers, you better make more space because this ‘Bucket’ is huge.

This is the best thing that’s happened since…no this is the best

The traditional flavours of home-made biryani is the essence of these bucket biryanis. The most attractive feature of this supreme biryani is the fact that it can be shared by a group.

100% Halal meat is offered along with the bucket for the non-vegetarian category.

Whom do I start dialling now? is an online biryani shop that sells ‘supreme biryani’. Their innovative ‘Bamboo basket delivery’ is their way of saving the planet from plastic containers. They deliver their buckets all throughout Chennai, all the way up to Kanchipuram.



Hello Biryani is a ‘classic food’ restaurant in Mandaveli that sells a ‘tub biryani’ that can feed a family of six! SS Hyderabad Biryani, a Chennai based traditional biryani chain, gives bucket of halal biryani along with pachidi, brinjal and portions of chicken-65.

Stop drooling and start dialling numbers. It’s biryani time!