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The Onamics 2014


We, foodies, are not into sports, per se. Wait. There’s food involved? ‘Onam’ is a foodie’s dream-multiplied by 16 and served steaming hot on a banana leaf, not to mention with creamy, sweet Pradhamans and Payasams. Coming to the ‘sports’ mentioned, we put our heads together and came up with ‘Onamics 2014’- a  series of games tailor-made for foodies to ‘play’ on Onam. Ladies and gentlemen, grab your gear (read food) and find out how you could make your country proud.

  • Papadum-stuffing-kali:

Everybody loves Papadums. But this game isn’t about eating them (yet). Papadums are puffy, fluffy and full of air pockets- pockets that can be stuffed. Grab those Papadums and stuff their tiny, adorable pockets with rice. Here comes the hard part- do this without breaking them.


  • Slurp-kali:

Foodie Rule book, Rule No. 1206; “Never ‘drink’ what could have been ‘slurped’ ”. So if you’re walking into the Onam Sadhya thinking, ‘Could someone pass me a spoon and cup for my Payasam? ’; your hosts might just ask you to leave. So, we at Hungry Forever, take pride in bringing you Slurpkali. The players assemble, their Elas are Ghee-ed, creamy, sugary Payasam is allowed to slide down and the slurping begins.


  • Mystery Avial:

Behind Door No.3, we have Mystery Avial. It’s a party in there- basically, vegetables having a good time in a thick creamy gravy. So what vegetables went in? Was it the paavaka or the kovaka? Ha. Good luck guessing.  Step aside mystery pie.

  • Pulissery Charades:

Haven’t you always wanted to open your mouth and blurt out the movie’s name every time you’ve played charades? Well now you can do just that. Oh wait, one tiny detail- we pour a ‘tiny’ bit of Pulissery in your mouth. Go on, we’d like to hear you try that.


  • Got the moves-like-jaggerykali:

Don’t you just love to dance? Hold on. We’ll throw in something that’ll make it even better. Sweet, soft and melt in your mouth Jaggery chips. Stuff around fifteen of them in and let’s get going on that Gangnam style. Forget left feet, let’s hope your mouth holds good.   So that wraps it up. Just remember it’s not the victory but the food, not to have won but to have eaten well.