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Opinion: Nutella Pasta Is Here And We’re Not Quite Sure What To Think


We all lost our collective shit when chocolate pizza debuted in India (I for one, was not a fan). Some things just aren’t meant to be right? Wrong! Tella Balls Dessert Bar, a Nutella-themed cafe has come up with Nutella Pasta, but I’m not quite yet of the opinion that (even) Nutella can salvage this one.

They’ve christened it pastatella, but I don’t reckon that even a cute name like that would entice me to try Nutella pasta. I’d even give up on the ice cream, and I love ice cream. My logic is pretty straightforward. Pasta was not meant to be slathered with chocolate and ice cream. It was meant to be salty and cheesy, just like God intended.

The strange thing is that I’m not opposed to a Nutella Ravioli, like a cute little ravioli with a Nutella filling – that sounds delightful. I also do wonder how the pasta dough is? Is it savory or sweet?

As big as a sweet tooth as I have, something about the pasta texture is putting me off. Perhaps I’m just a little old fashioned in my taste, and prefer having dinner first then dessert?

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