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The Origin Story Of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Is Coming Out And It looks Lit


Origin stories make the world go round, even if they sometimes are a tad disappointing (we’re looking at you Green Lantern). So, obviously, we were stoked to discover that Flamin’ Hot Cheetos was getting its own origin story documentary!

The documentary will follow the fairytale-like story of Richard Montañez, a janitor-turned-snack-connoisseur who now spends his days jet-setting around the globe as a motivational speaker. Appropriately named ‘Flamin’ Hot’ this story is truly the essence of the American Dream.

It turns out, that this multimillion dollar idea was somewhat brought about as a twist of fate. When Montañez, a first-generation Mexican-American, was working as a janitor at the Frito-Lay plant in Rancho Cucamonga he got ahold of as bad batch of cheese-less Cheetos from the plant.

He then took them home where he eventually made a snack inspired by his heritage. The flavors first concocted were reminiscent of elotes—corn, mayonnaise, cheese, and chiles and the rest is history!

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