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Paper Boat’s Latest Video Is A Nostalgic And Beautiful Tribute To Indian Railways


Paper Boat has a talent for making us nostalgic just by drinking the juices that they sell. But they also seem to find a way to tug at our heartstrings with their ads. Last year, they released a couple of beautifully shot videos to promote their new flavours or to just talk about what exactly Paper Boat intends to do with their different flavours.

This time around, they’re taking us back down memory lane with a tribute to the Indian Railways. Growing up in India, every single one of us has travelled by train whether it’s to see family or on holidays or to travel from North to South for something important. Travelling by train is such a huge part of our lives and that’s exactly what Paper Boat is setting out to do here.

Set to the soundtrack from Malgudi Days, the new film (titled “My First Train Journey) shows a boy travelling by train for the first time with his parents. He’s reading a Tinkle, then exploring the wonders of meeting people on the train, using the bathroom and also forging a bond with a young girl around the same age.

Talking about this new film, Parvesh Debuka, marketing head of Hector Beverages, told Campaign India, “At Paper Boat, we belive to be protectors of timeless recipes. The films we create find resonance in people across age, class and any other barriers. This time, we are paying a unique tribute to one such institution that carried us wherever we wanted to go – the Indian Railways. The very mention of a train journey evokes a thousand memories. The hoot of a train, the shudder of the engine, the song of the tracks, the lull of the rhythm and the games played in compartments. At Paper Boat, we are happy to celebrate the legacy of unsung heroes who first stirred the ache of wanderlust in most of us and with whom we have our fondest vacation memories, The Indian Railways.”

Check out the video below!