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Why you shouldn’t Microwave your iPhone


You read right. Microwave. I can’t get around this. Somebody explain to me why people feel the dying need to MICROWAVE their iPhones. Do they need to put that on the box? “Please keep away from kids. Please try not to microwave this phone. Please also refrain from throwing this phone into the fire.” 

And if there are a couple of you going, “Won’t it be fun to see what happens?” No, actually it surprisingly just goes up in flames. And there you were expecting unicorns.

So anyway, we needed to do this piece to enlighten the knowledge seekers. 

1. The Zero Reaction Man

 This man is incapable of emotion. He microwaves his iPhone and xxx (we won’t be ‘spoilers’ ) and that’s it. Zero reaction man, you HAD an iPhone and you couldn’t just chill at the AppStore or be on FaceTime instead you had to microwave it and not react? What. Was. Your. Point. 



2.  Kid with a Phone

 Back in the day, kids weren’t given phones- iPads or even a walkman. We ate candy, the occasional crayon and we were happy. This is why we weren’t given phones. Not that we would/may have microwaved them; but because of what this kid does after. 



3. Overly Dramatic Wave

This man takes it home. We saved the ‘best’ for last. Not for the weak at heart.