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Top 10 Red Wines In India


1.Chene Grand Reserve

This most popular brand comes from the house of grover vineyards, which is famous for its taste and aroma, is Chene Grand Reserve. One of the most expensive and personally tasted, Chene Grand Reserve available at Rs.1700 for 750 ML. Its a companion of grilled vegetables, pastas, stews. Chene Grand Reserve has got hong kong international award too in the year 2013.

2.Seagram’s Nine Hills

It is a product from the Seagram’s brand. Though the brand is known for its whisky brand, it was awarded at the 2007 Indian wine challenge. The pleasant aroma of this wine reminds of cherries mixed with a little bit of vanilla and all these fruity notes of cherry and strawberry stay with you for a long time. Due to its soft velvety tannins, people love to have it with spicy as well as deep fried dishes. It is absolutely perfect for Indian palate but not as a food wine for the vegetarians. In order to purchase a tasty and unique red wine, you can trust on this brand keeping your eye closed.750 ml of this 2007 vintage costs almost INR 565.

3.La’ Reserve

La Reserve has been awarded as the “Best New World Red 2005” by Decanter Magazine. Grover Zampa Vineyards of Nashik are behind this full-bodied wine. People love this brand red wine for its engrossed taste and lingering aroma. This specific red wine is housed in French oak barrels for a long time to provide with a distinctive flavour to this product. It complements ripe fruits or a hot piece of spices or strong meat. This wine has a strong taste of chocolate, coffee beans and vanilla that makes it apt for soft cheese, kebabs, and mutton Biryani.

4.Dindori Reserve Shiraz of Sula Vineyards

This full-bodied wine from Sula Vineyards was a successful brand at the Sommelier India Wine Competition in 2009. If you are fond of lamb dishes or hard cheese, Dindori Reserve Shiraz can enhance the taste of your dinner.  The process of formation of this red wine includes the ageing of grapes inside the oak-full barrel in order to increase the fragrance and sweetness. It comes with a taste of lush berry and silky tannins flavour. This item is compatible with any Mexican spicy dishes, seafood or pizza.750ml of this 2007 vintage wine costs approximately INR 850.

5.Barrique Reserve Shiraz

Barrique Reserve Shiraz is a full-bodied dry wine and it has gained a reputation of a masterpiece. This brand is considered as one of the familiar winemaking brands in India.  It is produced by Four Seasons Vineyards, located in Baramati, Maharashtra. Don’t expect it to taste sweet. The taste of this wine is like what you get after amalgamating different spices and ripe blackberries. Best wine to have with the complementary items such as red meat, mushrooms, matured cheese or barbecued food.750 ml of this 2009 vintage costs around INR 900.

6.Rasa Shiraz

It is an award-winning brand offered by the well-known Sula Vineyards, based in Nashik. It is supposed to be one of the best brands that are exported outside the country. It is a collector’s item as Sula produces only 1,700 cases of this lively wine. Its fruity aroma and a complex taste make it appropriate for preparing experimental food, barbecues and many other dishes. You can also try it with soft cheese.750ml of this 2007 vintage costs INR 1,175.


Sette is one of the leading red wine brands in India. It is produced by Fratelli Wines, which is based in Akluj. The Silver medal that this wine got at the 2013 Decanter World Wine Awards in the U.K, tells the whole success story of this 2009 vintage. It tastes like ripe fruits with a hint of vanilla in it, which makes SETTE a great combination for spicy Indian dishes. Sette is another most accomplished and expensive red wine in India.750ml of this 2009 vintage costs INR 1,650.

8.Chateau d’Ori Merlot

You heard about tasty grape Merlot? Well, this wine is derived name from Merlot grape. It taste amazing, as it stored in oak barrels, you can enjoy it with any type of meat.This amazing wine is produced by Chateau d’Ori Winery, which has strong aroma. It is affordable wine as well, just Rs.648 for 750 ML.

9.Grover La’ Reserve

Another one from Grover Zampa wineyards from nashik, this spicy wine is affordable yet quite tasty. Grover La’ Reserve was announced in mid 90s, when wine market in india was not at pick. Till date (5-6 year back), it was one of the most trusted wine in india, was known for its quality and price.  Along with surge ripe of original ingredients, it also gives you flavour of chocolate and vanilla.

It comes at price of Just Rs.880 for 750ML, its taste is totally worth of your money. This wine is delivered from Cabernet sauvignon and shiraz grapes, made by French winemaker Bordeaux.

10.Chantilli Cabernet Sauvignon

A full bodied oaky wine with a hint of black currant black cherries and rich complex finish. This wine won a bronze at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 1995.

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