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Use The Sun To Cook Your Next Meal With The GoSun Stove


Solar energy is not a new idea. For several years now, environmentally conscious individuals and organisations have been using solar panels that absorb the sun’s energy to produce electricity. But, did you know that you can also use the sun’s energy to cook?

No, it doesn’t involve cracking an egg over a hot rock and letting it bake in the sun – although do go ahead and try that and tell us how it goes. To channel the sun’s energy into cooking a meal you’d need an innovative gadget known as the GoSun stove.




Released in 2013 after a successful crowd funding campaign on KickStarter, GoSun allows individuals to cook using no fuel other than a little sunlight. The stove consists of a vacuum cylinder that you place your food to be cooked in. Using reflectors, light rays from the sun are channelled into the cylinder and converted into heat which is used to cook the food.

What’s Cooking?

The GoSun stove can be used to cook a variety of foods from hot dogs to root vegetables to meats, each taking twenty or more minutes depending on the type of food.


The strength of the reflectors ensure that it’ll be able to pick up sunlight even in unfavourable conditions – like winter, and will remain warm for a period of time even if it becomes cloudy.

Because of its versatility, the stove is ideal for taking along on outdoor activities such as hiking or camping. It’s available in a variety of designs including the GoSun Sport ($279), the GoSun Sport Pro Pack ($359) and the GoSun Grill ($599).


Seems a little steep for one stove? Look at it this way; you’ll save on having to buy fuel like gas and coal, remain environmentally friendly and have the added convenience of carrying your cooking stove wherever you go.

If the prospect of owing a GoSun stove excites you, head on over to their website

 to order one, or get more information.