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What Waiters say Vs. What they actually mean


  1. “Welcome to Alonso’s Grill and Bar. Oh how nice, you brought seven children along! We love children at Alonso’s Grill and Bar.”

    image waiters 1

  2. “Would you rather I clicked a picture of all of you together?”

    image waiters 2

  1. “You want to Instagram this piping hot plate of Lasagne while I hold it? How simply Marvellous!”

    image waiters 3

  1. “You want the cheese burger without the beef patty but with a chicken patty, 3 bacon strips and some neatly chopped onions over it?”

    image waiters 4

  1. “I would really recommend the fish, sir. It’s really fresh and our chef insists that you try it.”

    image waiters 5

  1. “Would you like regular or bottled water, sir?”

  1. “You want a table that’s equidistant to the bar and dessert table, but at the same time away from the loo?”

    image waiters 7

  1. You’d like something that’s paleo, vegan and gluten free?

    image waiters 8

  1. Your bill is on its way.

    image waiters 9We’ll be seeing you soon now, won’t we sir?