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Where to buy Tirunelveli Halwa in Tirunelveli?


Iruttukadai Halwa:

When it comes to Tirunelveli Halwa, the first choice for you is Iruttukadai Halwa. The shop’s landmark is nothing but the Nellaiappar temple.It is next to the temple on the left hand side.To get halwa here, you need to have lot of plan while you’re coming to the town. 

You need to plan to have your return journey after 6PM in the evening. If you are a chenniate then Nellai Express Train[Train No:12632] suits you best..

Why I am specific about the time is because this shops sales time is 5 PM – 8PM. Most of the time the stock for the day will be over before 7PM. So if you promised somebody with this shop’s Halwa, definitely timing is important here.

Iruttukadai Halwa, the name of the shop and towns identiy wont have even a signboard on their shop.Their name is with their Halwa and their shop with the  night lamp, earlier it was a hurricane light!


Lakshmi Vilas:

This shop is the oldest one and a renowned one. The shop is here, since 1882 and you need not worry about the quality. I am sure about this, because when during my childhood [late 1990s] we used to get this Halwa in Tamilnadu Khadi board. 

Khadi board is well known for its quality you can not sell a product just like that. It is easily accessible as it is in the City Centre, nothing but Tirunelveli Railway Station and Tirunelveli Bus Stand. Here there is no specific time; you can get anytime from morning 9 AM to 10 PM. 

Even if you get Halwa from Irutukadai, I want you try here Special Halwa atleast 250gms, which is neatly packed in a plastic box.


Shanthi Sweets:

When it comes to midnight and if you are in Tirunelveli and you want to buy Halwa, there is one and only Halwa shop which is open for 24 hrs. 24/7 Opening a shop doesn’t matter, here you can get the Halwa always hot even if your at 2:00 AM in the morning. 

It is just behind the Tirunelveli bus stand and opposite to Sri Lakshmi Vilas. If you want to check the credibilty of the shop, do visit the left side of the shop and inside the Bus Stand and New Bus Stand. There will be shops with the same name with small initial like JJ or Original with the name. 

It is not over said, if we can get guinness record, for this much similar named shops in a small geographical area.


Periya Lala Mittai Kadai: 

History of the shop is more than a century, they are close relative of Shri Lakshmi Vilas. The shop is located in Ambasamudram, where the Tamiraparani enters into the biggest town. Whenever you get a chance to go to Pabanasam, you must stop shop to get  Halwa. You wont see any big ambience for this shop, but it renowned in the town. Here you should try Coconut Halwa and Special Halwa. They are selling online @


Tirunelveli Halwa @ online

It is difficult to wait for a marriage or arrival of a friend from the town  to taste this halwa after reading this, Right? I am sure you will open a new tab to search in google as “Tirunelveli Halwa”. You will click the first link and get mesmerised with the likes reviews in the site and order it.

If you think that is the “Tirunelveli Halwa” definitely I will say that is the power of SEO. Because Irutukadai, Shri Lakshmi Vilas or Shanti sweets are not selling online. They are happy with the business happening in their shop.

Then who is making for you? Have you ever checked the information where the Halwa is procured for your order?

99% of the site is just using the “Tirunelveli Halwa”, but they are not purchasing from the traditional shops. Yeah, then it is supplied from the shops like Original or KK append name!

For Rs.200 Pen Drive, we are seeing the manufacturer, warranty, reviews. But why not for Halwa?