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10 Food Vines That Are Absolutely Delish!


People grow livid if they have to sit through a long video. The Internet people answered. Vine, a short-video sharing service was presented to us and we lost our attention-span shortened minds! Here are ten utterly delicious vines that’ll make your tummies roar!

Let’s start with a basic breakfast fix- a Crunched and creamy Peanut-Butter, Honey, Marshmallow fluff, Nutella, and Strawberry Jam sandwich. This is the new and improved PB&J 2.0 guaranteed to activate all the zones in the tongue map!

Next, the inscrutable flavour profile of these truly magical muffins. Let’s delve into their merits, shall we? Making these hassle-free power muffins cups won’t eat into your Netflix time. They’ll help you brush off a crummy day in a single bite.

ERMAHGERD BUTTACREAM! Yes, the lovechild of unsalted butter and powdered sugar is causing hearts to drop in a pool of intestine goo.

How about some glazed donuts slathered with syrup? You do-nut want to say no!

If I were asked to choose between people and pizza, I will undeniably forsake my soul for pizza. Hold your horses before you start being overtly judgmental about my decision. Watch this. You’re welcome!

When it comes to priorities, Parks and Recreation’s lead protagonist Leslie Knope gets it. Waffles above everything else.

Peanut butter pie? YES PLEASE.

What is better than Mac ‘n Cheese? Fried Mac ‘N Cheese!

Here is a big juicy burger to brighten your day! YUM!

And finally, here’s a glimpse of what heaven looks like!

Nom-nom or not?!