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10 Reason To Love Bananas


1.Bananas Contain Many Important Nutrients – Bananas are rich in fibre, antioxidants and several nutrients. A medium-sized banana has about 105 calories

2.Bananas Contain Nutrients That Moderate Blood Sugar Levels – Both pectin and resistant starch may moderate blood sugar levels after meals and reduce appetite by slowing the emptying of your stomach

3.Bananas May Improve Digestive Health – Bananas are fairly rich in fiber and resistant starch, which may feed your friendly gut bacteria and safeguard against colon cancer.

4.Bananas May Aid Weight Loss – Bananas may aid weight loss because they’re low in calories and high in nutrients and fiber.

5.Bananas May Support Heart Health – Bananas are a good dietary source of potassium and magnesium — two nutrients that are essential for heart health.

6.Bananas Contain Powerful Antioxidants –  Bananas are high in several antioxidants, which may help reduce damage from free radicals and lower your risk of some diseases.

7.Bananas May Help You Feel More Full – Depending on ripeness, bananas harbour high amounts of resistant starch or pectin. Both may reduce appetite and help keep you full.

8.Unripe Bananas May Improve Insulin Sensitivity – Several studies reveal that 15–30 grams of resistant starch per day may improve insulin sensitivity by 33–50% in as few as four weeks. According to the Journal of Nutrition, unripe bananas are a great source of resistant starch. Therefore, they may help improve insulin sensitivity.

9.Bananas May Have Benefits for Exercise – Eating bananas may help reduce exercise-related muscle cramps and soreness, which affect up to 95% of the general population.

10.Bananas Are Easy to Add to Your Diet –  Bananas make excellent snack food, dessert or breakfast. Their versatility makes them easy to add to your diet.

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