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10 Salad Dressings that are not really as healthy as they sound


[dropcap]S[/dropcap]alad- Come on, it’s salad. How can salad not be healthy? A bunch of vegetables tossed around, unhealthy? What are you saying? But let’s look at that closely. Salad is vegetables tossed; yes, but tossed in dressing. We see green labels, happy vegetables on the cover, big font saying ‘healthy’, and we think, “I might as well throw in the entire lot”. But what if what you threw in could actually make salad, well, un-salad like? 

Join us as we take a look at the Un-salad-ifiers.

1. Ranch- Needs to stay at one

image salad 1

2. Blue Cheese- Could make you Blue-er

image salad 2

3. Thousand Island- Can’t promise the Beach Bod’

image salad 3

4. Creamy Italian – Will make you (S) Cream “Calories”

image salad 4

5. House Italian- Calories on the house too

image salad 5

6. Creamy Caesar- Et tu Brute?

image salad 6

7. House Russian- Probably means something else in Russian

image salad 7

8. Balsamic Vinaigrette- Could do the Balsamic on your body

image salad 8

9. French- Salad it down while you French it up

image salad 9

10. Honey Mustard – Honey, you shrunk the “healthy”

image salad 10


We recommend a strong dose of “Read the Label” before you decide to douse your salad in one of these.