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Former BJP Leaders To Host Beef Festival In Meghalaya On Saturday


Almost a week after leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party quit the party in Meghalaya, a beef festival is going to be held in the state by the very same members on Saturday evening. Organized in Meghalaya’s Tura area, the festival is being held in protest against the Center’s decision to ban the slaughter of cattle and their trade as well.

“I quit the BJP as the party was trying to impose Hindutva ideology on us. We feel out of place in the party. Eating beef is part of our tradition and fest is our way of showing how intrinsic cow meat is to our culture,” said ex-BJP member Bernard N Marak, who was the party’s district president in West Garo hills before he resigned last week. Since the Central Government’s new law, nearly nearly 5,000 members of the BJP from Meghalaya’s Garo hills left the party, including disctrict president Bachu C Marak.

The event will host approximately 2000 people who will be served beef preparations and ‘bitch’ (a local drink in the area). Amongst the attendees will be both aforementioned BJP leaders along with their friends and family.

“There will be music, food and festivities. We plan to start around 5.30pm and continue till late. Some people from neighbouring districts would also come. Nearly 2,000 attendees are expected,” added Bernard.

Notably, both alcohol and beef are active antagonists according to the Hindutva school of thought, one that is followed by a number of BJP members as well, who tout cows as a holy animal. However, in Meghalaya the predominantly followed religion is Christianity, so consumption of beef is also common and “allowed”. In fact, the state houses the maximum percentage of people who consume cow and buffalo meat (almost 81%).

In other news, Kerala is happy to have started a trend.


Feature Image: Serious Eats

Source: Hindustan Times

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