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Kitchen Hacks

14 Kitchen Gadgets That Are Pure Genius


The Jetsons send their love from the future. And some kickass kitchen appliances to make your life simpler. Ever felt too lazy to get and roll out rotis or wished that the amount of spaghetti you make was just enough for your family members and not the entire country? Well look for it no more because these genius kitchen machines are the answer to all such prayers!


  1. Mul’tea’ Pot

Serve tea for two in one go! Green for yourself and red for the guest, this teapot can hold both teas at the same time.two-teas_700


  1. One-Step Corn Kerneler

Imagine a world where your nails don’t have to face the brunt of corn kernels!corn_700


  1. Spaghetti Measurer

Everytime you make spaghetti a person somewhere dies of food shortage. You need this.spaghetti_700


  1. iPad Magnet

Spare your iPad of all the oil splashes and vegetable peels!fridge-pad_700


  1. Flavor Infusing Water Bottle

Chop up some berries real nice and bid adieu to regular water.flavour-water_700


  1. Magic Mug

Know when to gulp it all in one go and when to save our tongue from third degree burns.coffee_700


  1. Rotimatic Machine

A machine that churns out rotis whenever you wan! Just add flour, water and oil; and it kneads, rolls and makes rotis automatically! Oooh! How you doin’?rotimatic_700


  1. Colored Salt

Pull your salt out of grayscale and say hello to vibrant colored salt grains!color-salt_700


  1. Digital Nutrition Scale

Stop with the calorie guessing games and know what you eat. The scale computes calories, calories from protein, fat, fiber, carbohydrates and so much


  1. Messenger Toaster

The toaster doesn’t just have a message board but also the ability to toast the message on the bread! Next time you want to say something, raise a toast. Literally.toast_700


  1. Packet Sealer

In the unlikely event of you not finishing a bag of chips, this tool re-seals the bag and locks in the flavor and freshness.bag-reseal_700


  1. Shot Glass Mold

Sometimes you just need a shot glass. This mold makes it all possible by giving you four fully-formed shot glasses made of ice in no time!shot-glasses_700


  1. Timed Safe

Every parent’s dream comes true. This safe doesn’t open unless the timer – or parent – says


  1. Pineapple Slicer

Pineapple yumminess without the angry pineapple skin bruises. It’s a wonderful world!Pineapple Corer Slicer Cutter Peeler NEW3

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