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20 Bakeries you need to visit at least once in your lifetime


The Ultimate Bakery Bucket List

You walk into a bakery and you are greeted by an aroma that automatically brings a smile to your face. One bite into a freshly baked pastry and the world around you disappears. You are lost in the amazing-ness of it all. If you have ever felt this passionate about a cupcake then these 20 Bakeries around the world are a must visit.

We bring you the King of Bucket Lists – A Bakery Bucket List

1. Turris — Barcelona

2. De Roset — Castricum, The Netherlands

3. L’Art Sucré — Wiesbaden, Germany

4. Porto’s Bakery — Los Angeles

5. Sadaharu Aoki — Tokyo

Sadaharu Aoki — Tokyo

6. Sweet Life — Eugene, Oregon

Sweet Life — Eugene, Oregon

7. Pasticceria Regoli — Rome

Pasticceria Regoli — Rome

8. Vegan Treats — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Vegan Treats — Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

9. Patisserie Cocorico — Cardiff, Wales

Patisserie Cocorico — Cardiff, Wales

10. Levain Bakery — New York City

Levain Bakery — New York City

11. Amélie’s Bakery — Charlotte, North Carolina

12. Pierre Hermé — Paris

13. Ladurée — Paris

14. Muddy’s Bake Shop — Memphis

15. Pastéis de Belém — Lisbon

Pastéis de Belém — Lisbon

16. The Little Tart Bakeshop — Atlanta

17. Ken’s Artisan Bakery — Portland, Oregon

18. Duchess Bake Shop — Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

19. Queen of Tarts — Dublin

20. B. Patisserie — San Francisco

B. Patisserie — San Francisco