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4 Delicious Uses for Boursin Cheese


Anybody and everybody knows about cheese. Better yet, most have tried it in a way that they just cannot let go of any more possibilities of consuming the delicious product in all its viscosity. No wonder, the world cheese production is deemed to grow compared to the last decade. Statistics estimate this number to be more than 25% starting this decade off in 2021.

With the market getting more aware of world cheese variants and products, people have started to demand very specifically, rare cheese from around the world. One such variant is the Gournay Cheese coming from the Normandy region of north-western France. It is a soft, creamy cheese that has similar features of cream cheese. A famous brand of this variant is called Boursin Cheese.

This brand was first introduced in the year 1957 by François Boursin, a visionary from Normandy. Initially, the recipe was a run-away hit in France, however, as the word spread, Unilever acquired the brand from Boursin company and later sold it to Groupe Bel in 2007 for 400 million Euros! Let us see some of the delicious uses for Boursin Cheese.

4 Delicious Uses for Boursin Cheese

Image Source: Boursin Cheese


Boursin has been a hit since its inception. From selling locally, the products are now being shipped to over 30 countries worldwide and that number is only increasing by the day. Hence the question arises, why is Boursin cheese so popular? What makes it so unique and appealing to consumers across boundaries?


The original Boursin cheese was based on garlic & herbs. The inventor created a simple version of the original French cheese that could be used as an add-on, and he sold the concept of “fast-food” ages before the word was even coined! This coupled with the creamy texture that was firm and flowy at the same time, worked perfectly with youngsters and grandparents alike.

If a company sells a product in different flavors that perfectly go with different occasions throughout the year, it is hard to let go of any consumption. Better yet, one can even not forget the cheese due to its constant use.

The cheese comes in a variety of flavors like Garlic/Fine Herbs, Pepper, Fig/Walnut, Shallot/Chive, Red Chili Pepper, Cranberry/Spice, and Basil/Chive. This takes care of get-togethers like Christmas, home-parties, thanksgiving, etc.

Four Delicious Uses for Boursin Cheese


Whether you consume French loaves of bread, artisan crackers, or crunchy crudités, use a sinful helping of Boursin cheese to make it your snacks more sumptuous and lip-smacking. A simple unwrapping of the signature package and a glide of two fingers through the cheese is all you need to place on any accompaniment to devour the bites.


If you have been to any 5-star hotels during Christmas, you must have come across this fancy mountain of gourmet food being stacked one over the other. It looks fancy and delicious, not to mention classy and expensive. This stack is called a vertical cheeseboard.

Depending on the number of guests you are inviting for your Christmas party, you can use a variety of Boursin Cheese on different levels of the Cheeseboard. From sweet/salty, French classics/Christmas flavors, you can use some food pairing on each platter to go with different course meals.

Wine Socials

The French take their wine and cheese very seriously. If you are a wine connoisseur who likes to invite your guests at home over a glass of wine or two, then Boursin flavors are a perfect bite that can go around the tables. Do not be surprised if your guests gobble up chunks of your cheese without any accompaniments too!

Dips & Garnish

Boursin cheese is a perfect dip for chips or finger food. A study suggested that dips increase the actual consumption of appetizers. You may also use it to garnish your finished cooked meal as a pairing. For example, white pasta goes well with the signature garlic & herbs flavor.

4 Delicious Uses for Boursin Cheese

Image Source: Wine-LoveToKnow


By now you understand that you will run out of reasons to consume cheese but will have none to stay away from it! Bring home Boursin to experience the joy of authentic French sinful cheese. Alternatively, cook up a fresh stock yourself, invite your hungry friends and say “cheese” to the camera!