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 34 Dishes in Mumbai To Try On the Ultimate Cheesy Pilgrimage 


You’d better grab your wallets and some expandable trousers because we’ve put together a list of dishes in Mumbai that are oozing with cheesy goodness. Ditch the cheesy pickup lines and take your date on a cheese trip through Mumbai! 

1) Romanian Pork Cordon Bleu at Imbiss


Slices of ham are enveloped between an indulgent cheese melt. Can you get through the whole dish? 

2) Three Cheese Omelette at The Nutcracker


Tell yourself that the eggs balance out the overload of cheese and dig right in! 

3) Ham and Cheese Quiche at Café Zoe 


This quiche will turn you French for a while – can you say ooh la la?

4) Jalapeno Mac and Cheese at Jamjar Diner 


Macaroni and cheese is all grown up – it’s now got a dash of sass with jalapenos! 

5) Pizza Fries at The J

Pizza, cheese and fries? We’ve died and gone to heaven.

6) Coriander Pesto Cottage Cheese at Out of The Blue


This dish will snap you out of the blues faster than you can say ‘cheese’!

7) Nachos Chicos at Sammy Sosa 


We thank Cheesus for this dish. 

8) American Cheese Balls at Relish


Nobody does indulgence quite like the Americans, and what better way to indulge than in cheese? 

9) Veg Cheese Burger at Cheese Zone


Cheese Zone is all about the cheese. Its most prized creation is this veg cheese burger

10)  Cheese Flooded Island at Sarvodaya pure veg


If you could take only one thing to a dessert island, would it be cheese? The chef behind this creation seemed to think so! 

11) Cheese Nachos at Relish 


Nachos doused with cream cheese spell out the perfect feast. 

12)  Lasagne Verdi at Candies


Some may hope that the spinach in this lasagne will balance out all the cheese. But that would spoil the fun! 

13) Quattro Formaggio at Corniche – At the Waterfront


Four cheeses bubbling on top of some perfect pizza dough = heaven 

14) Bianca Salmone at Francesco’s Pizzeria 


This pizza is topped with a mixture of four cheeses and salmon. It’s got a pungent smell, but that just tells you that the cheese is good! 

15) Stuffed Crust Pizza at Pizza By The Bay


As you may have guessed, the crust of this pizza is stuffed with cheese. Lots of it. 

16) Cheese Straws at Gaylord 


Large squiggles of delight! 

17) Chili cheese toast at Kala Ghoda Café


This would be the breakfast of champions, earned after taking a bicycle tour through the picturesque streets of Kala Ghoda. 

18) Cheese Bagel at Café Basilico


Looks good, tastes better!

19) Al Dente at Café Basilico

If you didn’t satisfy your cheese cravings with the bagel then try this al dente; penne doused in cheesy, creamy goodness!

20) Cheesy Chimichuri Penne at California Pizza Kitchen


On the subject of penne, try this beautiful dish during California Pizza Kitchen’s Mexifornia festival. Read our feature of it here

21) Cheese Fondue at Café Moshe’s 


Dip everything and everything that you can lay your hands on into this massive bowl of fondue, with an Indian twist. 

22) Quesso’s Four Cheese Fondue at Quesso Ristorante 


This is a blend of gorgonzola, mozzarella, emil grana and cheddar cheese served with flat breads. You’ll keep asking for more and more bread until you scrape the pot clean. 

23) Jalapeno Cheese Poppers at Quesso Ristorante


Pop one or two, or ten or fifteen of these into your mouth. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop. 

24) Mac and Cheese Pizza at Fat Man’s Cafe

This is a pizza that we wish we had patented. But, we’ll settle for eating it. 

25) Mexican Tex – Wich at Kurries & Burries

This is one of the favourites at the relatively new Kurries & Burries – can’t you see why?

26) Lamb Burger at Monkey Bar 


You can’t see the cheese, but sink your teeth into this burger and you will taste it. Oh boy, will you taste it. 

27) Mac and Cheese with Goan Sausages at The Sassy Spoon

Goa, sausages and cheese; what could be wrong in this combination? 

28) Goat Cheese Tart at Café Zoe 


Goat’s cheese is amazing. Seriously, get past the name, trust us and dig straight in. You will buy us a cheesecake slice as a thank you later. 

29) New York Cheesecake at Country of Origin 


Speaking of cheesecake treats, we’d love it if you buy us a slice of this! 

30) Cookie Dough Cheesecake at Cheesecake Republic 


Or, we’ll settle for a slice of this; we’re not fussy. 

31) Pav Bhaji at Sardar’s


While the cheesecake originated in Italy, India can claim full credit for this pav bhaji oozing with cheese! 

32) Cheese Pav Bhaji at Juhu Beach 


The pav bhaji at Sardar’s and the cheese pav bhaji at Juhu beach are in unresolved fight about who is cheesier. Try both and cast your votes! 

33) Mysore Cheese Rava Masala at Alankar 


It’s a mouthful to say isn’t it? That’s why we just point to it on the menu and stuff our mouths instead. 

34) American Corn Cheese Balls at Cream Center


These balls are packed with cheese and have a corn crunch. Yum! 

If you managed to go through this whole list, we salute you. No, not read it – sample all the dishes on it! If, on the other hand, you think we’ve missed out a dish in Mumbai that is ‘oh-so-cheesy’ do let us know in the comments below.

 Photographs of these dishes were gathered from lovely zomato users, our Instagram feed, stock photos and of course, yours truly.