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7 Of My Favourite Pizza Places In Chennai


Love pizza like we do? Then these are some must-visit places currently ruling Chennai with Cheese!

Tuscana Pizzeria


With its soul embedded in the heart of Italy, Tuscana Pizzeria, above all, is a fine Pizza dining experience. The sheer variety of the toppings makes you salivate over the waiter (true story), and every bite from the pizza is a bomb of flavour in your mouth. Their pastas don’t back down from the spotlight despite the pizza genre; they’re creamy and addictive.


Pizza Hut

The Pizza Hut joints in Chennai are spreading faster than wild fire. The highlight of this big corporate brand lies in its soft, delicious bread base. Their supreme and signature pizzas are a delight especially with the generous amount of toppings they are loaded with. Pizza Hut is the public’s sweetheart mainly due to its accessibility. 

Pizza hut


You can’t talk just about Pizza Hut without bringing in its arch adversary – Dominos Pizza. Dominos is renowned for its lower price budget. And they are right – pizza tastes even better when you don’t have to shell out heap sums of cash. The best things that ever happened to man (after pizza) are the Dominos garlic bread sticks and Dominos Indian take on tacos.


California Pizza Kitchen

What are dreams made of? Plain bread? NO.

It’s hogging a beautiful hand crafted pizza from California Pizza Kitchen and have your boyfriend pay the bill afterwards. There is an Amazon of toppings at your disposal and when it is toasted together with mouth-watering cheese, the pizza that you get is mind-blowing. The desserts and pastas have the perfect balance of flavours and cooked to perfection. What more do you want? More cheese. You got that darn right.


Eagle Boys Pizza

With a promise to deliver pizzas with an Australian note, this pizza joint has all your favourite pizza classics under one roof. Their country style pizza are worth looking forward to. Eagle Boys Pizza is budget friendly and comes to no one’s surprise that it is every student’s pizza heaven.


The Pasta land

Pizza is an art, religion even, and the Pasta Land has done it full justice. The cheese and smoked pizza base packs a punch in your mouth. The wood burned pizza topped with vegetables and meat fulfills every pizza fantasy you have. Their Quattro Formaggi made with four kinds of cheese can only be construed as divine.


Pizza Republic

They have an array of pizzas to choose from and what’s more, you get to make your own pizza. Now isn’t that fun? Construct your own pizza and have all the toppings you know and love madly on it!