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7 of the Best Banana Chocolate Combinations!


Chocolate and Banana is a culinary match made in food heaven. It is an unbeatable classic. Since the advent of the Internet meme database we began snarking and sniggering at banana jokes but have we stopped to look at the various nutrients it could supply us with? We disregard it for its mushy texture and what with all the rules about avoiding eye contact while consuming it. Just seems like too much work. Bananas are stuffed with all the minerals you will need to combat that worst hangover. Bananas make you smarter and are rich in antioxidants. And it pairs well with a laundry list of other fruits that it forms the base for any smoothie! So if you think bananas are just for monkeys, think again.

Chocolate, our famous aphrodisiac, almost always steals the spotlight when it comes to food. Everyone loves chocolate. Yes, it might be the cause of that muffin effect but you don’t have to guiltily nibble chocolate bars next time because it is also known to impart a ton of good. It helps, lower cholesterol levels, prevent cognitive decline, and reduces cardiovascular problems. Now that you’ve been enlightened, we’ll show you more ways (recipes) to feed your profound addiction to chocolate and bananas (?).

Baked Banana and Chocolate Chimichangas-

The name might’ve raised a few eyebrows (or mono-brows). We’ll clarify that in bit. Popular in Mexico, Chimicanhgas are deep-fried burritos. However this recipe shows you how to make a healthier alternative. You’ll enjoy making these baked parcels packed with sliced bananas and generous dollops of chocolate!


Banana Lassi and Chocolate Chews-

The Sorted boys show you how to make banana lassi and chewy chocolate bites to serve it with!


Banoffee Trifle-

We’ve all heard of the popular English dessert Banoffee pie made using bananas, toffee, condensed milk, crumbled biscuit bits, and rich slabs of butter. Here the Sorted boys show you how to construct one by squeezing in the elements of an old-fashioned trifle!


Chocolate Chip Banana Pudding-

Chocolate chip banana bread pudding with salted caramel sauce, that’s how the video begins, with an Irish pretty face telling you those exact words and you just know you’ve made the right decision about clicking the video.


Chocolate Banana Ice Cream-

Creator of the wildly popular blog Weelicious/mum Catherine McCord shows you how to make a luscious, creamy ice cream with her son! This is a pernickety infant crowd pleaser!


Banana Chocolate Cupcake-

These buns are a breeze to make from scratch in just a mixing bowl or food mixer. After all the sifting, mixing, and the baking done, the resulting cupcakes will make your taste buds leak. This is one leak you cannot plug!


Deep-Fried Banana with Chocolate & Peanut Butter-

Deep-fried food on a stick. You love it. Everyone does. Don’t live in denial, people. This recipe shows you how to freeze-fry bananas, initially dunked in chocolate then in hot oil! You’ll love it! Bon Appétit.