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This Actress Is The First Woman To Officially Play KFC’s Colonel Sanders


Over the years, the father of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s, Colonel Harland Sanders has been impersonated by a lot of people for marketing and campaigning purposes. All these impersonations have been done by men because, of course, Sanders too was one. However, in a historical first, KFC has signed on a female celebrity to play Colonel Sanders in its Honky Tonk commercial for the new Smoky Mountain BBQ fried chicken variant.

The woman who will be dressing up as the iconic Colonel is popular American singer Reba McEntire, who is being smothered with praise and admiration for being the first ever female Colonel Sanders and absolutely slaying it. The singer and songwriter looks every bit the part, decked up in the signature whites, half-rimmed glasses, and sporting the iconic silver hair and beard.

Meanwhile, KFC has leveraged McEntire brilliantly in its jingle that the (on-screen) Colonel can be seen singing and dancing to at a country pub. “Absolutely nothing’s changed,” Sanders sings. “Oh, please ignore any likeness to famous country singers. I’m definitely not a woman. Oh, wait there’s one thing that’s new about me, it’s my Smoky Mountain BBQ.”

Interestingly enough, the commercial also features Reba as her actual self, sitting at a table in the pub, enjoying the Colonel’s show as the latter continues with “back to my chicken, smoky and crispy, tender and amazing too. I swear I’m not a famous woman.” Watch the full ad below.

Well done, KFC!

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