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All Your Favourite Drinks At Just 100- Here’s Why You Should Visit Starbucks This Saturday


You would have heard all about Starbucks offer if you weren’t living under a rock. Now for those of you who have no idea what we are talking about, read on. Starbucks have now 100 stores in India, and wants to celebrate the milestone with you!

Everything you love at INR 100

For them, an iconic milestone deserves an iconic treat. It’s time to celebrate 100 stores of Starbucks in India with coffee addicts across the country!

All short and talk beverages at only INR 100. Yes, you read that right! Walk into any Starbucks store on 28th and enjoy your favourite beverage at just INR 100! And if you are an MSR Gold member, you can avail the offer for any beverage-size of your choice

So, cancel all the other plans for Saturday and be there at your favourite Starbucks outlet!