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Amazon Opens First Amazon Go In Seattle With No Checkout Counters


Do you hate waiting in checkout lines while the person in front of you breaks out the coupons (half expired) leaving you frustrated and annoyed? Well, Amazon has totally changed the game with Amazon Go, a supermarket with no checkout counters or cashiers!

Amazon has been teasing the cashierless supermarket for months and they’ve finally opened the first one in Seattle.

According to the The New York Times, walking into the store feels like going into a subway station, since you go through turnstiles and scan your Amazon app to get in. And then when you leave the store, you just walk back through the turnstiles, and your Amazon account simply charges you for what you bought.

Amazon Go @amazon store opens in Seattle on Monday. All I can think is the bar has been raised…..??????The future of Stores. * The store has a row of gates guard allowing people with only Amazon apps on their smartphones in. No cashier, you don’t have to pay cash or swipe your card * Once you grab an item off the shelf, it automatically puts it in your shopping cart online. No physical shopping carts or baskets in the stores. Just a shopping bag * Obviously the store is equipped with cameras and technology. Which sees everything and identifies every item. So no bueno, sorry shoplifters. * Alcohol section, there’s actually a store employee verifying I.D.s * Checking out is easy, walk out the store and your amazon account gets charged. Amazon sends an electronic receipt to you. Geez talk about shopping made easy, I loveeeeeee it ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️. I wonder if this would be our reality in the next couple of years. I can’t wait to visit one. A lot of jobs would be in jeopardy if this is the future of stores…. story from @nytimes #amazongo #amazon #food #wandievillemedia

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The technology, called Just Walk Out, works using hundreds of cameras in the store and a brand-new app you have to download to use the store. Once you’re in the store, there are also no shopping baskets or carts, so you have to just put whatever you want in the bag you’re going to walk out with.

As such, this place is more of a quick stop and not a place you’d your family’s monthly shopping in. That is reflected in the selection at the store too, as there is nothing that would vary in weight, like individual pieces of fruit, and there’s a selection of grab-and-go-meals made on site by a kitchen staff.

Unfortunately, since it took Amazon over a year to set up this first store, there may be a bit of a lag before there is an Amazon Go store near you!


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