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Barista Launches Hitachi Alphonso Smoothie


Barista today announced the launch of Hitachi Alphonso Smoothie, an innovative marketing partnership with Hitachi Air. 

The craving for the King of fruits is all time high. Alphonso Mango, the most sought after fruit is here to surprise Barista consumers in a new avatar. To satiate this mango craving, Barista introduces a Mangolicious creation- Hitachi Alphonso Smoothie. The all new smoothie has the richness of Alphonso mango blended with vanilla ice cream & milk. 

Inspired by the cool air philosophy of Hitachi, the drink is commissioned to give patrons the much-needed relief from the scorching heat. The smoothie is deemed as a perfect refresher which takes care of the internal heat while the Hitachi Air conditioner weaves its magic from the outside.

Barista and Hitachi are pioneers in their own fields and are always working towards providing something innovative to its target audience. Summer is the season when people find ways to chill at a place with good air conditioning and sip on to their favourite chilled beverage. With Hitachi Alphonso Smoothie, it’s a unique way for Hitachi to complement the brand message.

According to Mr. Puneet Gulati, CEO, Barista, “We are committed to innovate with our offerings and this time we thought of delighting the taste buds of our consumers with a thick, sinful smoothie made from the seasonal special fruit- Alphonso Mango giving them the authentic mango experience. We are happy to announce this partnership with Hitachi Air. In future, we would like to open up for more brands to put their innovative ideas into action.”

“Hitachi has been doing innovative marketing activities for some time now, associating with Barista is  very conscious choice as both the brands are serving same TG and have similar philosophy. Hence, providing the relief from summer in an innovative way is our motto and we are happy to partner with Barista” added Mr. Partha Sen, Hitachi Air.