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Barista Organizes ‘Flavours Of Coffee’ Festival On International Coffee Day


Barista – a leading coffee chain in India is organizing ‘Flavours of Coffee‘ festival across its outlets on the eve of International Coffee Day. International Coffee Day is celebrated worldwide on 1st October. Coffee lovers across India will get an opportunity to experience the hallmark drink ‘Cappuccino’ in relishing flavours such as Hazelnut, Irish and Vanilla at all Barista cafés. 

Mr. Puneet Gulati, CEO, Barista said“International Coffee Day is a perfect day to engage with coffee lovers more deeply. Coffee is not native to India, but with Millennials causing a shift in the demand the Coffee consumption in India is rising. We chose to celebrate the different flavours of Cappuccino, since it is the most preferred coffee variant.”

Barista is home to many coffee lovers in India who swear by Barista’s premium beverages and Cappuccino remains to be the most sought-after coffee at Barista outlets. After South India’s filter coffee that has a long history behind it, Cappuccino has emerged as the most consumed coffee variant in India. Launching ‘Flavours Of Coffee’ hence is a perfect fit for the forthcoming festive season.

Along with celebrating the International Coffee Day, Barista is also organizing Dessert Festival called ‘Dessert Goals’ in selected outlets. During the festival, Barista customers will get a chance to try Barista’s newly launched desserts in new avatars. Exciting flavours such as New York Cheese Cake, Loaded Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Molten Choco Burst will be available at nominal prices starting from Rs. 99 only. These delicious and mouth-watering desserts perfectly complements Barista’s premium beverages.

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