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Best Way to Peel an Orange


Think you know all there is to peeling oranges? Think again. This simple trick will help you peel a tough  skinned one easy peasy lemon squeezy.Or should we say Orange squeezy?

Certain varities of Oranges have a very thick skin and can be a bother to peel.Using your hands will not work on them. If you try to use a knife and peel away the skin as you would for an apple, you will only end up with a pulpy mess. Instead, try this :

  1. Cut a groove at the centre of the fruit

  2. Make the groove all around the fruit evenly

  3. Insert Thumb! and you will be able to remove the peel just like that.


There are many more methods to peeling an orange, but this one is surely the best and creates least mess. This trick is perfect for all the times you need the orange to be in whole segments.

Go ahead. Give it a try!

image credit : Youtube