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8 Magic Benefits for Women in 1 Lush Pomegranate



Pomegranate is such a pretty fruit. Its red pearls! Yes, how else does one describe its ruby seeds! It is called Punica granatum a botanical term, but we are more concerned with its delightful properties and taste, not to forget its benefits.

Low in Sugar



Pomegranate makes for a nice, neat, tasty drink, especially with a squish of lemon to tangy up the savour. The colour is so enticing you can get anybody to drink it. One glass of pomegranate juice, that would be 8 ounces, has 134 calories, 33 grams of carbohydrates and it has less than 1 gram each of protein and fat. So it is a healthy drink! Just blitz it in a mixer and strain it, and there you have it all!

The Colour the flavonoids and Antioxidant

Pomegranate with yoghurt_compressed


The rich red colour is nature’s way of endowing the fruit with nutrients. It is an antioxidant or the polyphenols, which attracts people to eat it, especially the Mediterranean folks who love it sprinkled on their salads and dips. This fruit has the capacity to keep one looking young! And regenerate the cells, so mix it with the yoghurt


Keeps You Cool


Literally a drink or spoonfuls of the pomegranate juice or fruit just keeps you cool. Studies have shown that there is great benefit from consuming this fruit, it reduces blood pressure. What is better than keeping cool and looking great! Enjoy it as a fruit; it is a nice light snack.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Pomegranate with salad_compressed


It is a natural way to reduce inflammations and an enjoyable way to do that, it can be had as a salad complimented by other vegetables. It adds to the colour of the dish too.

Fights Cancer

Pomegranate with curd rice_compressed

We are so afraid of the C word, and here is a fruit that stands boldly before you, with a promise to help you fight the disease that scares you! Take courage and a bite of the fruit. Mix it with that pale curd rice that you enjoy so much!

Pomegranate Will Set the Mood

Pomogranate souffle_compressed

This fruit has been proven to fight emotional turbulence. The serotonin controls the mood swings and is known to calm the nerves. Really the red in the fruit is no danger at all. So what stops you from making a soufflé with it and sharing or is that asking for too much!

Reduces Cholesterol

pomegranate-with other fruits_compressed

The polyphenols also aid in reducing cholesterol. It does appear that nature did intend to protect man, in some ways we must remember to return the service- smile please! Keep it simple have it with other fruits!

Fight Diseases

Pomegranate jelly_compressed

Pomegranate is used in natural treatment of Dengue and other viral diseases. It is so palatable that it can be had even when your taste buds are down and out. This pretty princess fruit is a must in your menu for all times! May they be all good times! Crowned as a jelly, sitting still and pretty?